Young Guns Network – IMS 2014 – UKF / Boiler Room / Eton Messy

13 June 2014

WHO: Charlie Wedd (Eton Messy, Co-Founder), Halina Wielogorska (Boiler Room, Director of Legals & Business Affairs), Luke Hood (UKF, Founder), moderated by Sam Wolfson (Noisey / Vice)

WHAT: The Young Guns Network is a group created for and run by young people aged 18-25 who are working, interning or running their own business in music. IMS invited a select group of visionary young guns to hear their stories and help inspire others who are the same age in the electronic music genre.

HIGHLIGHTS: Insights on how they went about creating, establishing and promoting their brands while incorporating innovation and technology. Brands and the ever-growing influence. And the pressure on start-up companies, and maintaining credibility and growth.


Eton Messy: “If you don’t think its right, don’t do it. You have to be 100% behind what you do.”

Halina Wielogorska: “Don’t sacrifice your product, you just have to be prepared to say no.”

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