Top 10 Talks of 2017: Nature vs Nurture: Underground music in Asia-Pacific

14 December 2007

The state and health of the underground scene and how to nurture it in a region where EDM dominates was a key talking point in Shanghai on day one of IMS Asia-Pacific in the panel, ‘Nature vs Nurture’. 

“How do you define underground in China? Anything that’s not in the charts or played on radio. Even mainstream sounding electronic music if it’s not in the charts is considered underground.“ – Tom Bray (YETI OUT, Co-Founder, China) 

Key players from the local scene discussed and collectively created a ‘Ten Point Plan’ on the stage to help unlock the eco-system and break through new talent, with key actions including ‘think local, book local’, foster discovery, encourage entrepreneurialism and the promotion of electronic music as an art form.