Top 10 Talks of 2017 – IMS Ibiza: Health vs Hedonism

28 December 2008

Addressing one of the most relevant questions for the industry – “how does one succeed in the music business both physically and mentally?” – this panel examined how to balance your physical and psychological well being whilst adhering to the expectations of an increasingly demanding industry.

Do you need to conform to your social media persona? Should you feel obliged to stick around for the after party? Does your rider really need to be loaded with enough alcohol to fill a fridge?

Amidst all the hype and the hedonism, the constant battle for establishing a healthy equilibrium between work and play is a challenge almost every artist can relate to and one that can’t be avoided if you want to maintain a successful and sustainable career in the electronic music industry.  During this panel artists and industry representatives discussed ways of training your brain to stay present, to deal with psychological stress and how not to burn out when on the road touring.

“If you think of yourself as an ecosystem, with physical, psychological and emotional needs, the question you really need to ask yourself is what do I really need to be at my best.” Rachel Turner (Achieve Unlimited, Business Psychologist & Performance Coach, UK)