Top 10 Talks of 2017: Balancing The Ratio: How The Industry Needs to Address Gender Disparity in Electronic Music

22 December 2007

Diversity remains a key issue for IMS, this year Smirnoff Sound Collective joined forces with SheSaid.So to discuss issues of gender disparity in the industry and find ways to balance the ratio of female representation in electronic music. Global DJ headliners are only 17% female.  How can this figure be improved upon without tokenism?

Changing the mindset of music fans and music executives alike is key to progressing to a more gender balanced future, with French producer Miss Kittin calling on men to step up and share the work at home so that women too can concentrate on their careers.

“I run Mobilee Records with Anja Schneider, and from the beginning we were always looking for and supporting female talents. It is part of our DNA. But I would say from the 50 to 60 demos we receive each week, I don’t remember the last time we received a demo from a woman.” Ralf Kollman (Mobilee, Co-Founder, Germany)