Top 10 Talks 2017: The 10th Annual Ibiza Debate

14 December 2007

‘We’re throwing warehouses parties. We want people to come in there and sweat. We welcome VIPs of course, but we’re certainly not gearing the club for VIPs. Privilege is for dancers. You come there, you come to dance and sweat.’

Dave Browning (Game Over Ibiza, Director, Ireland)

When you invite leading figureheads from Ibiza’s super clubs to debate their contribution to Ibiza music culture, it’s inevitable that there will be some conflicting and contrasting opinions. Throw in Seth Troxler and you’re sure to get a truly passionate discussion! 

The closure of the iconic Space after 27 years and the opening of its replacement Hï Ibiza featured heavily in the 2017 Ibiza debate. Whilst heralding a new era for the island the topic sparked significant debate on sustainability and the effect the ambition of the island and the rise of VIP culture is having on the working class of Ibiza