Top 10 Talks 2017 – The Black Madonna Keynote Interview

13 December 2007

“By even lowering the standard of debate to say we acknowledge this as a possible valid point of view, then we are wasting our time and we are elevating a point of view that is meritless to a point that it should never even reach. The question isn’t if, it is what we are doing next” The Black Madonna talks about gender in balance in the music industry.


Mixmag’s DJ of the year 2016 gave a fascinating and engaging keynote during day one of IMS Ibiza, using her wit and wisdom to underline her belief that equality in all it’s forms, not just gender, needs to be addressed in electronic music. 


To a full crowd, The Black Madonna covered her musical influences, crack house laws in America that threatened rave parties and discussed a subject close to her heart, the inequalities within the electronic music world.

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