Top 10 Talks 2017: IMS College – Sven Väth Keynote Interview

14 December 2007

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“When I got to 50, I sat and thought what is my heart saying to me? I just want to make people happy with my DJ’ing. This is what I love the most.”

With a career spanning over 30 years, “Papa” Sven Väth is one of the most loved and respected DJs in the world. The curator and founder of Cocoon bought his vast knowledge and experience to an eager-to-learn crowd of music students during an intimate keynote in Malta, before giving a storming headline set later than evening. He discussed his journey in the music industry, the first time he came to Ibiza and his relationship with vinyl and turntables.  

“It’s very simple. It’s just my instrument, two turntables and a mixer. I’ve worked for 37 years now as a DJ and I’ve never seen a reason to change my style”.