Top 10 IMS Talks of 2015

28 December 2015

As the end of 2015 nears, IMS is reflecting on a year of important, memorable talks from leaders of the electronic music industry. From Ibiza to Los Angeles and Shanghai to Singapore, revisit the Top 10 #IMSTalks of 2015.

#10. IMS Asia-Pacific: Keynote Interview – Armin van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren joined IMS Asia-Pacific for an insightful keynote interview where he shared his invaluable experience about the growth of electronic music in Asia and where he stands as an artist in today’s music landscape. He bared it all during his keynote, going so far as to share how being voted as the No. 1 DJ in the world made him question his own artist identity and seek professional help before finding himself musically again. He went on to address vital topics like drugs in electronic music, copyright law and being connected with his fans and the public opinion.

“When I was DJ Mag’s #1, I had a lot of pressure on my shoulders. People expected the stage to explode when I walked on. I wasn’t Armin anymore, I was just the #1 DJ in the world.”

#9. IMS Ibiza 2015: Keynote Interview – Carl Craig

At IMS Ibiza, Carl Craig sat in conversation with Executive Creative Director of Beatport Clark Warner for an in-depth and eye-opening discussion about the United States’ home of techno, Detroit and the climate of the United States’ maturing electronic music scene as a whole.

“It helps the whole scene when Steve Angello plays in Las Vegas. It doesn’t matter who it is – it’s a big step for the United States. It might not be your favorite electronic music, but it’s great that it’s getting recognized.”

#8. IMS Ibiza 2015 : Keynote Interview – Trevor Horn

IMS Ibiza saw a pair of music titans unite when Pete Tong sat down to interview Trevor Horn, the man who essentially invented the sound of the 80s as a pop music producer, songwriter, musician and singer. Trevor is a Grammy-winner and repeat winner for the BRIT Award’s Best British Producer and shared insight from a lifetime of experience building the foundations of today’s modern electronic music.

“People had done sound effects before, but nobody could understand how we could manipulate them that way until they could understand sampling. For about two years there was this sort of twilight time when it was all changing. and hardly anybody had the gear so nobody really knew what was going on.”

#7. IMS Asia-Pacific 2015: Keynote Address – Saving Sydney by Murat Kilic

During the second year of IMS Asia-Pacific, Murat Kilic of Reckless Republic and Spice in Australia delivered a commanding keynote that left the audience and people of the industry with an important lesson. Sharing his own personal experience, Murat explained how Sydney’s nightlife scene has been decimated by stringent government regulations and pleaded the industry to help save Sydney’s soul. His story comes as a cautionary tale for much of Asia-Pacific’s still young and growing industry as each region faces the challenges of balancing government support and growth.

“Sydney’s electronic music scene was changed by the government. Our community, our identity, our livelihood is all threatened. We have to save Sydney’s soul.”

#6. IMS Engage 2015: Kaskade In Conversation With Stuart Price

A highlight of 2015 occurred in Los Angeles during IMS Engage when Kaskade sat with three-time Grammy-winning producer Stuart Price. In Engage’s unique, unfiltered conversation format, the two masters of music discussed each of their prolific careers, music technology, how to best the issue of drugs in dance music and the rapid progression of electronic music as a whole.

“I don’t like the word ‘future house’ because house is the future. We’ve been living in the future since 1982.” – Kaskade

#5. IMS Asia-Pacific 2015: Opening Keynote Address by Mark Lawrence

IMS Asia-Pacific kicked off with a compelling keynote from Mark Lawrence of the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM). Titled #SAFEINSOUND, Mark commented on the dire need to address the problem of drugs in electronic music and begin to seriously implement harm reduction strategies. Though his speech was directed towards the Asia-Pacific region’s recent turmoil with drug-related incidents, his words went far beyond the region’s boundaries and offered valuable advice for the industry as a whole.

“No parent should outlive their child, and we as a community have a duty to step up and make a difference wherever we can.”

#4. IMS Engage 2015: Chuck D In Conversation With Seth Troxler

The outspoken Seth Troxler and hip-hop legend Chuck D made for a powerful pairing of music mavens at IMS Engage earlier this year. By bringing two leaders in from distinctly different spectrums of music, a truly raw and revealing conversation about the ins and outs of the music industry as a whole was sparked. Ready for a lesson on Detroit and the ingenuity behind electronic music?

I’m envious of the way electronic dance music has organized itself. It understands what it is, and what it ain’t. – Chuck D

#3. IMS Ibiza 2015: Keynote Interview – Alexander Ljung from Soundcloud

A topic that garnered some of the most buzz this year was the issue of copyright, and naturally, Soundcloud, one of electronic music’s most popular platforms amongst artists and fans. At IMS Ibiza this year, Founder and CEO of Soundcloud Alexander Ljung sat and honestly answered questions about the challenges behind entanglement of copyright law and figuring out how to monetize his successful platform while moving forward with the industry.

“We need to reshape part of the industry, we need to build technology that’s never existed before, we need to influence people across different territories to get to the point where creativity is free.”

#2. IMS Ibiza 2015: B.Traits presents State of Mind

It comes as no surprise that one of the most impactful conversations this year came from IMS Ibiza and B. Traits. State of Mind was a discussion covering the ever important topic of drugs and harm prevention strategies not only in Europe, but across all varying markets. Alongside some of the most esteemed leaders in the space including professors and scientists, B. Traits manned a discussion that left an impression the entire industry should consider.

“It’s not pro-drug, it’s anti-death.” – Mark Lawrence

IMS Engage 2015: Quincy Jones In Conversation With Pete Tong

IMS prides itself on bringing together the chief leaders in music, and in 2015, we saw Quincy Jones sit in conversation with Pete Tong at IMS Engage in Los Angeles. The pair of musical titans discussed Quincy’s illustrious career: his experience working with legends like Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Sinatra and his opinion on modern day electronic music.

“Our entire business in music – in entertainment – is about a song and a story. That’s it. You don’t call anyone until you have a great song and a story.” – Quincy Jones