Tips For The Next Generation Of Visionary Applicants

19 April 2017

By: Inder Pull, KRPT Group, UK, 2016 IMS Visionaries Contest Winner

IMS is seeking the young, inspired industry leaders of the next generation that are ready to step up to a global platform and share their vision in a room full of electronic music’s most powerful and forward-thinking individuals.
One determined individual will win the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at IMS Ibiza and access to all of the panels, networking and partying on offer at the 10th anniversary of the summit.

I won the IMS Visionaries contest last year, check the video below.

My vision was all about taking people on a journey from “hobby to pro”. I thought it was important that the whole industry finds a way to inspire the next generation to learn about music production and DJing and then find ways to take this passion into the business world. We also wanted to focus on how brands engage with the music industry and identify new ways to support culture instead of exploiting it.

Here are some tips for this years applicants:

1. DO SOME RESEARCH – watch IMS panels on YouTube and learn more about the challenges the industry has been facing over the past few years. You will quickly hear some consistent issues and ideas that might spark some inspiration.

2. IDENTIFY THE PROBLEMS AND FIND YOUR PASSION – list all of the problems you think exist in the music industry and start to think about which ones you are most passionate about solving.

3. DEFINE YOUR VISION – this is easier said than done but one of the key aims of the IMS Visionaries contest is to help the next generation shape the future of the industry. Focus on a few key aims that you think are important for the future.Our 2016 video was focussed on how we can inspire more people to make music as a hobby and that will naturally lead to more growth for the industry but we don’t need more DJ’s per se, we need more people from technology or design to be passionate about being in music.A polymath is defined as a person of wide knowledge or skills. Part of our vision was about inspiring the music industry to look outside their specific job roles and learn more from other professions.

4. MERGE IDEAS – take the polymath approach and try combining different concepts. For example you could look at the problem of diversity in electronic music and explore how they are solving this in sport. Or how about the challenge that many clubs are now facing where they are threatened with closure due to gentrification and property developments? You could look at how other countries are solving this problem or even start to explore how “pop-up” culture could provide an alternative solution in some spaces.
Here are some key challenges the industry is currently facing that we are all trying to solve, get inspired and help shape the future.

  1. Diversity and inclusiveness
  2. DJ’s, live music and royalty payments – Get paid, get played
  3. Illegal downloading
  4. Drug abuse and mental health
  5. Helping independent talent grow in a commercial world
  6. Funding and investment in music companies
  7. Training the next generation of music professionals

A great resource to learn more about industry challenges is the Association for Electronic Music who have a number of initiatives that could inspire your vision.

Be the next Visionaries contest winner and take your first steps to becoming an innovator of tomorrow.

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