Sven Väth Keynote Interview with Ben Turner

10 June 2013

Techno legend Sven Väth needs little introduction to the people of Ibiza and the world of electronic music. His Cocoon parties at Amnesia are the stuff of legends, a night which helped develop the underground scene and sound of Ibiza into the incredibly strong position it is in today. In a warm and heartfelt interview with IMS partner Ben Turner, Väth opens up in ways many of not heard before

Key topics from Sven Väth:

  • Life on Ibiza in 1980, sleeping on a sun chair in the forest, dancing with Duran Duran and Grace Jones to Spanish artists Alfredo and Pippi.
  • How the British invasion of Ibiza by superclub brands inspired him to provide something more honest for his beloved Spanish island. "I felt so sorry and felt I had to change something."On life on the dancefloor: "I'm coming from the dancefloor. I'm still a hardcore raver – if the music is good!"
  • On VIP Ibiza: "When we started, our VIP at Amnesia was always empty! I don't like to see the VIP's who have with their own opinions about the DJs, and asking for the DJs to be changed. Ibiza was never about the VIPs. I love the hippy feeling and free spirit of Ibiza."
  • On the after-hours: "Cocoon invented the after-hours culture – we were doing illegal parties in the countryside. We risked getting in trouble with the police and we didn't care. I am a hippy in a way."On Ibiza 2013: "Who will pay all these entrance fees? Maybe people go for the free tickets which is understandable. Our crowd is from all over Europe – and we have to take care of them. With all these different nights, you can find techno three or four times in a night now. We will see who will survive."
  • On being called Papa Sven and being the father figure of the techno movement: "Today it puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders because I feel I am very responsible for the scene, and for the younger generation."