Steve Aoki In Conversation with Chad Hurley

30 May 2014

IMS worked closely with Steve Aoki and his management to find a pairing to suit his vision of how technology is furthering his incredible career. Who better then than Chad Hurley – by far one of the most visionary and influential entrepreneurs in the last 20 years in the tech world. Hurley got his break working on the start-up of Paypal and likened the tech world with the music world with the common denominator being curiosity. He states: “Musicians want to create something that doesn’t exist and make it theirs. Its not there but you know it could be. I’m the same.”

A founder of Youtube, which he started from his garage, Hurley changed and revolutionized the online world as we see it today with the first online platform to share videos making musicians, actors, comedians etc famous over night. His next project, MixBit, is an app that is set to take video sharing to the next level.

Steve Aoki is a Grammy nominated DJ / producer and owner of Dim Mak Records. His label is hugely influential in the electronic music world, as are his crazy party antics, to his huge fan base built through intelligent and humorous content plays through social networks.

The conversation demonstrated both worked hard at their concepts, saw a niche in their fields, and found a way to fulfill those. Aoki paid homage to Daft Punk as his creative spark after seeing two robots control the masses at one of their gigs through their production. On his cake throwing he states: “I look out to the crowd and look for the one guy who’s not having a good time and he gets caked. All of a sudden it’s the best night of his life. I just want to make everyone happy.” A must see!

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