Sharam of Deep Dish and Richie McNeill of SFX Australia Sit For An Unfiltered Discussion About the Industry

7 January 2016

It’s not often that two figures like Sharam of Deep Dish and Richie McNeill of SFX Australia sit down for a conversation, but when they came together in Singapore at IMS Asia-Pacific, the discussion grazed over important topics like the fluctuation of the global festival industry, SFX’s controversial year and genre and artist divides.

The format of the conversation between Sharam and Richie McNeill allowed them to receive questions live from the audience as well as those previously vetted from social media, making the discussion one that truly addressed hot topics of the moment.

Everybody knows dance music is a global phenomenon now. What works in America tends to work also in Europe and Asia. Good music tends to work everywhere. – Sharam

The two discussed Asia-Pacific’s growing and rapidly changing landscape and both shared a positive outlook on the future of the market. Sharam emphasized the importance of supporting “good music,” which would lead to the natural progression of the scene in Asian markets, as well as other industries all over the world.

The conversation switched to a more serious note when Richie was posed with a question about the current status of SFX after a rough year.

It’s been an interesting two and a half years. Where is it headed? […] There’s been a shift in numbers. The big moment for dance music, according to the numbers, was probably two or three years ago. The growth has flatlined in some territories. In territories like Australia, we’ve lost three or four major festivals. But then you look at other markets like South America and we’re launching huge festivals. Some territories pick up, some drop off. Overall, it’s a float. It’s interesting times. – Richie McNeill

Later, Sharam answered questions about the highly anticipated Deep Dish return, stating that high demand from fans was a large reason why the duo decided to come back together. Watch the conversation in full, above.