Seth Troxler Keynote Interview

29 May 2014

WHO: Keynote Interview with Seth Troxler interviewed by Pete Tong (IMS Partner / BBC Radio 1)

WHAT: Troxler finally gets the one-to-one treatment at IMS and uses the platform to continue his criticism of the EDM genre, further opening the divide between his world and the commercial genre. Insightful, funny, Troxler’s dominance of the oxygen coming from IMS starts here.

HIGHLIGHTS: His views on cake throwing and DJ gimmicks, the three new labels he’s launching, fascinating comments about Panorama Bar’s lack of cultural diversity in the audience and much, much more…


Seth Troxler on talent bookers at major festivals in North America: "They call themselves Talent Buyers. (That alone shows) they have no real interest in our culture and community. America is the best / worst country in the world."

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