12 April 2016

IMS Engage welcomes its next speaker pairing!

Pete Tong, Broadcaster, Artist / BBC, WME In Conversation with Bob Lefsetz, Author / ‘The Lefsetz Letter’

Pete Tong is omnipresent in any conversation about dance music, and IMS Engage is no different. Bringing his insight as a broadcaster, artist, DJ / producer and tastemaker through his Essential Selection show on BBC Radio 1, Pete Tong descends upon IMS Engage to help navigate a discussion about electronic music today.

Bob Lefsetz will join Pete In Conversation on April 21st, bringing his knowledge and stature as an industry staple. Author of the renowned newsletter series ‘The Lefsetz Letter’ and famously unabashed, Bob brings his knowledge as a former entertainment business attorney and fearlessness to comment on the state of the industry to IMS Engage this year. Topics up for discussion between Pete Tong and Bob Lefsetz will range from streaming to Las Vegas to the ever-controversial “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.”

Pete Tong and Bob Lefsetz join IMS’ already announced speakers, Marc Geiger, Head of Music at WME In Conversation with John MacFarlane, CEO of Sonos and James Barton, President of Electronic Music at Live Nation In Conversation with Lee Anderson, VP (East Coast) of AM Only.

Capacity is limited but some badges remain. Secure yours today!

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