Paul Van Dyk Keynote Interview with Gary Smith

13 June 2013

Trance don and pioneering Berlin DJ Paul Van Dyk's first appearance at IMS was a sit-down for a Keynote interview with Midem moderator Gary Smith. A big advocate of social responsibility and making the world green, the IMS delegation got an insight to the mind and workings of an increasingly political PVD. This talk preceded a further chat about social responsibility in electronic music.

Key Topics discussed:
•Growing up in East Germany and its communist ways. Travelling allowed him to witness that democracy is the only way and everyone should have a voice.
•His first trip to India and how it brought tears to his eyes. The poverty spurred on his involvement with Akanksha Foundation in India
•Going green, and how his touring team is trying to cut their emissions on the road
•His frustration with the monotony in dance music lately. "There is no artist identity to be seen anymore. If you're in front of the stage for five hours, you're hearing all the same things."
•His new album 'Politics of Dancing Vol 3' – a collaboration album which he aims to release later in the year.