Paul McGuiness (Principal Management / Manager U2) – IMS 2014 – Keynote Interview

11 June 2014

WHO: (Principal Management / Manager U2). Interviewed by Pete Tong (IMS Partner / BBC Radio 1)

WHAT: Why was U2’s manager speaking at an electronic music summit? A simple answer. IMS is designed to house inspiring speakers to inspire delegates to think differently and learn from leading lights such as Paul McGuinness. Thanks to Richie Hawtin for the introduction and connection.

HIGHLIGHTS: How Paul became U2's manager when the band were aged 17; the ins and outs of their various record deals over the years to re-acquiring publishing rights. The pro's and con's of the streaming business and what Paul's take is on the online digital world after being one of the first bands to do a deal with i-tunes. The inclusion of Paul Oakenfold for U2 stadium tours and being the first band to have a support DJ, dealing with promoters, ticket prices and the production elements of the stadium tours.


“People have to get paid. It can’t be an amateur sport. There are a lot of vested interests (Google) who could do a lot more. They are the biggest theft enabler. YouTube is different – it’s the future. But Google give you multiple opportunities to steal. We don’t take their promises to take things down seriously. It’s not”

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