Off The Wall – IMS 2014 – 20 Years Of Wall Of Sound

7 August 2014

WHO: Mark Jones (Wall Of Sound Founder) Mike & Claire (Manumission) Danny Donnelly (Suburban Base Founder) Stephen Kempner (Sheridans) and Boy George. Hosted by Nick Decosemo.

WHAT: Jones and friends roll out the anecdotes in celebration of the twenty year anniversary of Wall Of Sound. From his formative years providing lighting and visuals for the legendary Shoom club, via seven and a half minutes of fame in a boy band, the irrepressible Mr Jones bounces the story of Wall Of Sound around the panel, talking through the business of music as it was, as it is and as it could be.

HIGHLIGHTS: Claire lays a golden egg for Mark's breakfast, George tells of his fear of sparklers and explains why Mark has too much personality. Danny tells us what it really takes to keep a label going for twenty years, Mike shares his opinions on Ibiza now and Mark lets the cat out of the bag with what he truly believes is the next big thing. Watch this space.


“I'm me, and that's it really” – Mark on himself

“It was a little revolution” – Mike & Claire on Manumission

“Poshing things up affects music” – Boy George on the gentrification of Ibiza