Meet Team Avicii

3 June 2014

WHO: Ash Pournouri (At Night Management, Founder & Manager of Avicii), Carl Vernersson (At Night Management, Business Relations), Panos Ayassotelis (Paragon BA, Agent of Avicii), interviewed by Craig Mclean (Journalist)

WHAT: The biggest EDM artist to emerge in recent years, with number one hits and sell out stadium shows, is Tim Bergling AKA Avicii. IMS met the team behind the success to discuss how they worked together as a team, the business practices they implemented and, also, put to bed some of the rumours circulating about their artist’s involvement in his own work.

HIGHLIGHTS: Explanation of the relationship at the beginning between Ash and Avicii – where the manager asks his artist to focus on the music and the manager looks after the gigs and the brand. His team explains how they always think outside of the box musically and in business, the significance of brand partnerships with Ralph Lauren giving the brand the next level media reach it needed, and what its like to work with Madonna and Coldplay.


Ash Pournouri: “We made it over easy to hate, then used that hate to create buzz around what’s happening so people would be curious to find out themselves. And wiitin a few days, that 95% hate turned into 95% love.”

Seth Troxler: “Id like to ask about the 50/50 writing and production credits that you get Ash, i was wondering is it more a modern day Milli Vanilli or Black Box situation? Who is actually producing the music and what does your music stand for in the whole giant scope of electronic music or just music generally?.”

Ash Pournouri: “Everyone likes to hate whats successful.”

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