Mark Lawrence of AFEM Introduces #SAFEINSOUND During IMS Asia-Pacific

17 December 2015

Despite being the first speaker to kick off the morning session of IMS Asia-Pacific, Mark Lawrence of the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) commanded the attention of the entire room. His opening keynote was called #SAFEINSOUND, and as the title suggests, was an important call-to-action for the industry to focus on making the electronic music environment a safe one. Specifically, his speech referenced the omnipresent issue of drugs and asked global industry leaders in the room to take action in effort to preserve the future of electronic music.

“If the kids keep dying, the agency will be closed down. These words are as important now as they were a year ago.”

Eloquently, Mark explained that this issue spreads beyond country borders and has transcended across the years. Malaysia has essentially banned electronic music outright following the tragedy that struck at Future Music Festival Asia, but the issue doesn’t exist only in the Asia-Pacific region. Concern over drug-related incidents has existed for decades in prominent electronic music scenes in Europe and North America, and continues to plague the music we all know and love.

“No parent should outlive their child, and we as a community have a duty to step up and make a difference wherever we can.”

Watch this important IMS Talk in effort to be a part of making positive change and ensuring a bright future for the world’s electronic music.