Lohan Presencer (Ministry Of Sound) Keynote Address – The State Of The Nation

5 June 2014

WHO: Lohan Presencer (CEO, Ministry Of Sound).

WHAT: Each year IMS selects one key industry figure to address “The State Of The Nation”: the positives and negatives to the genre today. In 2014, this key industry figure was Lohan Presencer, CEO of Ministry Of Sound, one of the most respected CEO’s in the genre.

HIGHLIGHTS: The now and then of Ministry Of Sound, where it started in clubland to now, a prominent independent record label releasing countless compilations. Lohan discussed his view on revenues, employment and the comparison of hit records 15 years ago to a hit today. He also discusses the raw truth that music major label executives are sucking the life and dollars out of the industry.


Lohan Presencer: “Change is important in a successful business. The music business has become the most stuck industry.”

Lohan Presencer: “Dance Music is about one-off hits, hits often come from the most unexpected of places.”

Lohan Presencer: “Its about people, not money! In fact, I can’t recall a single big record deal over the years that paid back.”

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