Kaskade Discusses the Asian Market in Keynote Interview at IMS Asia-Pacific 2015

15 January 2016

Kaskade has been a leading force in electronic music for many years. His prolific career has seen him through the early rise of house music in Chicago, several Grammy nominations and multiple commanding albums and classic singles that have built his career and name as one that is globally recognized and celebrated.

Much of his life – both personal and in work – has ties in Asia. Kaskade lived in Japan and learned Japanese and has found incredible success touring through Asia each year. These insightful experiences made him the perfect speaker to join the IMS Asia-Pacific stage in Singapore for a keynote interview.

A lot of Asia is a hybrid of what’s happening in America and Europe. They take from the two worlds and make it their own. – Kaskade

He discussed the incredible potential within Asia as the next frontier for the boom of electronic music, but didn’t stop there. He went on to cover topics that affect the industry as a whole. Inevitably, the issue of drug presence in electronic music culture came up. Kaskade, as a devout Mormon himself, was adamant about his stance on enjoying the music and culture completely sober.

I’ve had people argue with me early on that I’d never be able to make music that people understand not sober. I enjoy this music sober, and I think it’s possible for many people to do that. – Kaskade

Later, he gave his personal opinion on copyright law and where Asia can succeed in the coming future with electronic music. His opinion? The future is bright, and Kaskade will definitely be a part of the progression.

This is why we’re all here. I’ve always seen Asia as a place of opportunity, but now it feels like how it felt in 2008, 2009 in America. Tons of excitement, people were there. It was all leading up to something and we’re going to get to see what that is. – Kaskade