Jean Michel Jarre -IMS 2013- Keynote Interview

16 July 2013

IMS was graced with the presence of legendary French composer and performer Jean Michel Jarre for a keynote interview with IMS partner Ben Turner. JMJ is a pioneer in innovation with music, visuals and art which explains his Guinness World Records for the largest outdoor concerts, including playing to 3.5 million, in Moscow. At IMS 2013, he was confirmed as a Ambassador along with Nile Rodgers for the Association for Electronic Music, before taking to the chair for a one-on-one Keynote Interview.

Key Points Discussed:

  • "Electronic music isn't just a 'genre' – it's a new way of composing and writing music altogether," he said.
  • Jarre expressed previous frustration by people who dismiss electronic music as not "real" music because of the lack of acoustic instrumentation. "Any art form is not dependent on just the instruments you use, but the ideas and emotions that come from it. It's not the tools – it's the content. The music itself is like 3D without the glasses. It's not the music that's electronic, it's the instruments."
  • Jarre then drove deeper into how electronic music differs itself from the rest by comparing it to another type of performance-based art form. "Electronic music is close to the circus concept. Every day and every night, it's something different."
  • On todays DJs spending big on their lighting and production to accompany their music he stated: "Visuals are not just the background. It has to be considered on the same level [of art] as the music itself."
  • Electronic music in general: "As popular as electronic music is, it still has that underground kind of flavor – sort of like jazz."