Jamal Edwards – IMS 2014 – Keynote Interview

31 July 2014

WHO: Jamal Edwards, founder of SBTV interviewed by Nick DeCosemo of Mixmag.

WHAT: Jamal tells the digital age fairy tale of SBTV. From uploading his first video to YouTube aged 17 and juggling a job at Top Man to make ends meet through to the runaway success story it is today. Now with over 100 million views across all videos, a full time team of ten and his Sony RCA funded record label – Just Jam.

HIGHLIGHTS: His early days filming wildlife with the camera he got for his 15th birthday and why he’s glad that he didn’t take his mom’s advice. How a dream trip touring with Dr Dre became a total disaster and stalking Nicki Minaj in a hotel lift. Jamal lets us in on the secrets of how he really went about building a hugely popular multimedia lifestyle platform on the internet.


“Talent is talent regardless of genre”

“I will only do something if I can tell a story with it”

“If I was scared to take a risk I wouldn’t be sitting here today”

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