Is The American Style of Business Killing Dance Music

22 August 2013

In a highly anticipated conversation about the "invasion" of American entities into dance music culture, emotions ran high as many on the panel felt that indeed dance music is at risk by the mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations occurring in North America.

Key Points Discussed:

  • "We've been making money with my artists and booking them everywhere, and suddenly in the last five years, there's been a lot more interest in owning that music [in America]" said Maria May (CAA).
  • "The new style of business is more about winning than it is caring." When asked why America has "suddenly" embraced dance music, David Waxman (Ultra Records) pointed out something that many people often over look. "Electronic music has been going on in the United States, but the difference now is the power of the Internet" he said, mentioning also the generational waves that seem to occur with the genre in the United States.
  • "It's not the money, it's the money. Shelly Finkel (SFX) quotes legendary promoter Bill Graham on artists' willingness to accept huge payouts and contra how Shelly's desire is to elevate the genre not exploit it.
  • The term "EDM" "The people calling it 'EDM' now are likely the same people calling it 'techno' ten years ago," David Waxman (Ultra Records) said. "EDM will come and go, but dance music will always stay."
  • Ash Pournouri (At Night Management) manager of Avicii weighed in the debate on underground artist and commercial artist choosing either or and America playing a major part in their decision due to the massive financial gains of going commercial