Introducing REMEDY STATE – a wellness platform advocating self-care within the Arts & Entertainment industry through mindfulness, exercise, physical therapy, medical evaluation and nutrition

9 March 2018

Launches in partnership with International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza

 MAY 20-23


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Music has a special way of healing the mind, body and soul….yet a British study found that musicians and those in the music industry could be up to three times more likely than average to suffer from anxiety or depression.



The first Remedy State retreat will take place May 20-23 2018 on the Balearic Island of Ibiza as a precursor to (and in partnership with) IMS Ibiza, the industry’s leading global electronic music summit in the world’s most important destination for dance music.

Founded by Ben Turner (IMS / AFEM) and Blaise James DeAngelo (DJ/Producer & former OWSLA Co-owner) out of a mutual love for electronic music and a desire to support the well-being of the community surrounding it, Remedy State is a wellness platform inspired by the practices of Integrated Medicine and ayurveda advocating self-care within the Arts & Entertainment industry.

“After a 25-year journey travelling the world appreciating and influencing the electronic music industry through many initiatives, I realised I needed to go on a similar journey about the lifestyle pressures surrounding how we work. When I started out as a music journalist, there was no email and no mobile phones. I sent faxes to artists as forms of communication. There was no help in the industry about diet or stress management. I’ve recently been in consultation with a personal dietitian and Ayurvedic doctors and, keeping with the spirit of IMS and the Association for Electronic Music, I felt it necessary to share our vision and experiences for generations old and new. This is just the start.” Ben Turner

Long nights, odd hours and over-indulgence combined with relentless travel, social pressure and sustained solitude take a toll on our health that we can no longer afford to ignore. Remedy State aims to address these health risks so that we can continue doing what we love.

“Seeing the industry lifestyle negatively impact my own physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and that of those around me seemed like a cruel irony given that music itself is such a positive and uplifting thing. We’ve all dedicated our lives to it, so we should be the happiest, healthiest bunch on Earth” comments Blaise James DeAngelo.

The DJ/Producer continued with his decision to launch Remedy State; “When I started noticing dozens of industry press discussing the same issue recently, I realized it’s become an epidemic and wanted do something about it.

Nestled in the Es Puig area of Ibiza and surrounded by pine woods and beautiful gardens Sa Talaia is the intimate and tranquil boutique resort that will play host to the inaugural retreat where guests will learn simple and practical techniques for the maintenance of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing tailored for the busiest of schedules, and will leave feeling recharged and ready for what’s next – the seamless prelude for the sights, sounds and discussions that IMS Ibiza, now in its 11th year delivers.

Founded on the principles of mindfulness, exercise, sleep regulation, physical therapy, nutritional guidance and medical evaluation, our program helps those in the Arts & Entertainment community to alleviate stress and anxiety, increase mental clarity and focus, improve overall physical health and nutritional best practices and maintain emotional wellbeing.

The platform is inspired by the practices of Ayurveda and Integrated Medicine, which combines Traditional Eastern medicine (Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Unani and Yoga, etc.) and complementary medicine (Naturopathy, Osteopathy or Nutrition, etc.) and focuses on harnessing the body’s innate healing power to prevent illness and promote overall well-being.

All attendees will benefit holistically one on one from Dr. Ahmed Ali, currently a Senior Practitioner at the Integrated Medical Centre in London. He comes from the founding family of Integrated Medicine and has studied IM under uncle Dr. Mosaraf Ali in India since childhood.

The retreat will also feature fully inclusive organic and vegetarian meals and nutritional consultations from nutritional therapist Catherine Arnold, plus keynote lectures from pioneering psychologist Dr. Norman Rosenthal who first diagnosed seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and light therapy treatment during his 20 years at the National Institute of Mental Health and was named one of the Best Doctors in America, and Richard Barrett, world renowned author / executive coach. Rounding out each day will be twice-daily Hatha yoga and meditation, breathing workshops, and nature walks.

Remedy State is presented in association with Pioneer DJ, who recently examined several prominent DJ’s relationships with music and wellness in the important documentary WHY WE DJ – SLAVES TO THE RHYTHM. 

Remedy State: IMS Ibiza will be an extremely intimate affair, so badges are very limited.

Retreat badges start at the introductory rate of €340.

A very limited number of on-site accommodation packages at Sa Talaia are available for an additional €900 (3 nights). These packages can be selected as add-ons during checkout.

Badges are available standalone via or bundled with IMS badge via