International Music Summit’s Industry Insider launches on Messenger

13 April 2018

If you’re already familiar with IMS’s Industry Insider you’ll know that our collaboration between IMS, Mixmag and Record of the Day delivers a weekly digest of global electronic industry news, across the full spectrum of the genre, to help you get straight to the stories that matter.


Up to now we have delivered each edition of Industry Insider via email, and now through our partnership with I AM POP, the Facebook Messenger tool, we will also be pushing out highlights via Facebook Messenger giving you the need-to-know news from the global dance music industry in a bite size format right in your pocket. You can sign up now, by following this link and clicking the “get started” button in Messenger.


Industry Insider


We see Messenger as a game-changing communication platform that offers something completely different to “traditional” social media like a Facebook Pages and Twitter, and even something different to email.


Part of this is the nature of the platform – Facebook Messenger offers a different and more interactive way to publish and consume content, and a different way to engage. For artists, Messenger is a really powerful way to connect with fans; you can’t get a closer connection to your audience than chat. It’s one-on-one, personal and intimate.


As a story-telling platform and a way to engage fans with content, Messenger has a clear edge. 1.3 billion people around the world use Messenger regularly, and the growth of messaging over the past couple of years has been huge. In a period where engagement around traditional social media is falling, and downloads of smartphone apps is static, Messenger is an app that is near universal in its adoption.


At IMS we’ve always been champions for new technology that can benefit the global electronic music community, and this is why we’ve used POP to launch Industry Insider on Messenger.


Tim Heineke,  the founder of POP says “When POP launched last year we already knew that Messenger was going to be an unstoppable wave. Already, artists like Armin van Buuren,  Netsky, Sam Feldt and others who use our platform are seeing great value from Messenger, regularly achieve open rates of 90%, and sky high click—through. For many of our customers, Messenger becomes the number one driver to content over other platforms within just a week or two of launching. We are excited to be working with IMS, one of the world’s electronic music brands, and look forward to developing our partnership over time.”




Inder Phull [CEO at KRPT/Social Media Agency for IMS] says “We see Messenger as a great way to cut through the noise of traditional social media, and communicate better. Because we know that Messenger content reaches our audience and is not subject to a feed or filter, we can get Industry Insider content straight to people who want it, in a bite-size format with no distractions.”


For many artists, labels, media brands and others, Facebook Messenger is nothing particularly new – for a long time we’ve been able to receive messages through our Facebook Page and respond one-on-one.


This changed in 2016 when the Messenger API was opened up, allowing companies like POP to build interactive messaging functions. A key difference between one-on-one messaging through the Facebook Page and a tool like POP is the ability to broadcast to many fans at once. Once a fan connects with on Messenger you open up a direct and unfiltered communication channel that is a great way to tell stories, share news, push info about particular events… even create quizzes or interactive narratives. Basically anything to establish direct contact with fans. No newsfeed getting in the way, no algorithm deciding what your audience sees.


Olivia Bowlby, General Manager of IMS says “IMS exists to educate, inspire and motivate the electronic music community worldwide. As a genre that has traditionally embraced digital opportunities head-on, electronic music is the early adopter of the music world. As one of the leading platforms serving this community, it was natural for IMS to embrace the opportunities that Messenger offers to get content directly in front of our audience.”


To get Industry Insider highlights in Messenger follow this link or search International Music Summit in Messenger, and click the “get started” button.


If you’d like to start using Messenger for your own label, brand or artists, check out POP by clicking here, or email to have a chat with the partnerships team.