Indie Label Debate – IMS 2014 – State Of Independents

17 July 2014

WHO: Sophie Hall (MTA Records), Steffen Harning (Milk & Sugar Records), Mark Brown (CR2 Records), Eelko Van Kooten (Spinning Records), James Grant (Above & Beyond), Andy George (Moda Black). Hosted by Lloyd Starr, Chief Operating Officer of Beatport.

WHAT: Lloyd Starr poses the big questions about the challenges facing the industry today – Are there too many labels? What do we have to do to survive? Do indies have to start behaving like majors and where do we see the business going in the next five years?

HIGHLIGHTS: The panel discuss their thoughts on the unanticipated fall in sales of downloads, the rise of the streaming ecosystem and what it means for the future of independents. They share their views on the role of majors and their marketing muscle, the pros and cons of 360 deals and how to breakthrough the overwhelming volume of new releases.


James Grant (Above & Beyond): “Any sound can find its audience.”

Steffen Harning (Milk & Sugar Records): What does success mean now as an independent? “It's going on and on.”

Mark Brown (CRT Records): “"Quality music will always come through."”

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