IMS Talks: The Power Of Partnerships – Sandy Monteiro (Universal South East Asia President)

19 February 2015

WHO: Sandy Monteiro, President of Universal Music (South East Asia)

WHAT: Sandy comprehensively answers the big question from the floor – “Why do you have a guy from a record label leading a futuristic music conference?”. By deftly weaving historical facts, current statistics and key performance indicating patterns; he neatly demonstrates that the business everyone thought was dead is actually in a rude state of health and may well be on the verge of its biggest boom in two decades.

HIGHLIGHTS: Finding reasons for optimism in a graph of doom, persuading his peers to wind back the clock, the eye-opening top five countries in the region by market share and making the case for the industry being on the tipping point of the biggest growth it has ever known. How to create a value proposition to leverage a brand’s interest in music, retaining the value long after a campaign is over and just what is the ‘elephant in the room’ that has the potential to bring the entire industry to its knees?



On his job title – “What’s ‘new business’? It’s whatever makes money.”

On working with brands – “It’s a partnership, it’s not just about getting a cheque.”

On electronic music – “It’s the soundtrack of choice for a new generation.”