IMS Talks: NERVO, Damian Lazarus, & more in East Meets West Panel

5 February 2015

WHO: Arjun Vagale (Artist, India), Celeste Siam (Artist, Thailand), Damian Lazarus (Artist, Crosstown Rebels, UK), Jeremy Boon (Artist, Zouk, Singapore), Liv from NERVO (Artist, Australia), Mim from NERVO (Artist, Australia), = Moderated by Mr. Has (Artistic Director, W Singapore, Singapore)

WHAT: The panel combine their wealth of knowledge gained from recent experience on the main stage; producing and playing shows in the booming Asia-Pacific region. Taking in topics from fan response to production challenges, explosive social media and who's spoiling the party; we hear how it is backstage for the artists leading the charge into the booming electronic music economy of the area.

HIGHLIGHTS: The Indian underground explosion, English techno meets Sufi trance, female DJs more popular than the boys and the fringe benefits of touring for NERVO. Is production more important than the music? What effect does touring the region have on social media? And, can anyone shed light on the mystery of China?



Arjun on Indian – “It's important we don't focus on booking strictly huge international artists in India because we have so much talent. It's critical if we are to build our own healthy scene.”

On his first album – “25% of our performances have been in Asia the last four years,” the NERVO duo told audience members. “It's only going to get bigger.”

Mim (NERVO) on the importance of visuals – “Every little bit helps.”.

Damian on A&R – “I'd like to hear electronic music from Asia that sounds and feels Asian.”.