IMS Talks: Keynote Interview – Steve Angello

12 January 2015

WHO: Steve Angello, former member of Swedish House Mafia. Interviewed by Pete Tong.

WHAT: The mild mannered Swede chats openly with Pete about the past, the present and the future; granting an insight into the challenges facing an artist trying to break into the booming Asian-Pacific market. He shares the game plan behind the making and launch of his first solo album, his hands-on approach to his recent BBC Radio 1 residency, the increase in opportunities for collaborating with global brands and the freshly inked deal for his new concept night ‘Reflections’ at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas.

HIGHLIGHTS: Buying himself out of his deal with Sony to appease his inner control freak, losing his shirt to put on a better show and then saying ‘no’ to the biggest pay cheque he had ever seen. He suggests a way forward for EDM, reveals his portfolio of non-music business investments and we discover the identity of his new mentor and life coach. Perhaps the biggest lesson anyone aspiring to success in the music business could learn here from a member of one of the biggest dance acts on the planet is one of humility.


On media rumours of a rift between the former members of SHM – “If I cared what people said about us in the media I’d just have stayed at home miserable and nothing would ever have happened”.

On his first album – “I just want to feel great about the music I make”.

On working with brand sponsors – “You have to make sure the message is clear and be true to who you are”.