IMS Engage Talks: Lyor Cohen in Conversation with Jake Udell

15 May 2015

The seasoned Warner Music Group and Def Jam label mogul, Lyor Cohen, joined in conversation with Jake Udell, the young power player and manager behind two of EDM’s most explosive acts Krewella and ZHU. The conversation flowed from their successes, to branding deals, and the increasingly competitive streaming marketplace.

“The consumer is so smart that these deals aren’t working as well.” – Jake Udell on artist / brand collaborations

“There has to be truthfulness to an artist/brand collaboration, otherwise it’s comedy instead of music.” – Lyor Cohen

“Everybody else was using social media. When we didn’t, it caught people’s attention.” – Jake Udell on marketing ZHU

“If you are following your business plan, you are fucked.” – Lyor Cohen