IMS Talks – Dr Gino Yu On Transformational Music

26 January 2015

WHO: Dr. Gino Yu, PhD. Consciousness Researcher, Director of Digital Entertainment at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and founder of Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association

WHAT: Dr. Yu draws on his thirty years of experience in consciousness research to take us on a whirlwind ride through centuries of mythology and ritual to construct a metaphysical case for what is happening in electronic music culture today. Joining the dots between music and physiology, religion and ritual, symbolism and faith; he explains why he believes the global explosion of interest in electronic dance music is the contemporary awakening of the ancient practice of achieving higher levels of consciousness through music induced trance.

HIGHLIGHTS: Why drug culture doesn’t work in Asia, the fundamental difference between East and West, what remains if you strip away the stories, art and rituals from religion and why no-one in Asia has invented a technology which has made a global impact in the last 300 years. Can we really engineer a culture that works for society today which combines music and art to generate a transformative experience for everyone’s mutual benefit? Watch and learn.


“You are the modern myth-makers and shamans and what you are selling is a new reality”

“To understand this and to engineer experiences based upon this knowledge is knowing the bigger picture of what’s going on globally”

“This is Religion 2.0”