IMS Ibiza Day One Highlights

26 May 2016

“The global electronic music industry is now worth $7.1 billion. 60% more than 3 years ago.” – IMS Business Report 2016

The ninth anniversary conference kicked off proceedings as follows:

IMS Business Report 2016 presented by Kevin Watson
Ticketmaster Report presented by Sophie Crosby
Keynote Introduction – Spirt of the Majors with Bart Cools
AFEM presents ‘The Future Of Our Industry’
Introducing… MetaPop with Matthew Adell
Press Announcement: Dubset Industry Update presented by Stephen White
‘The Great Streaming Debate’
Introducing… Forward with Francesca Gennaro
Space Ibiza: End of An Era with Carl Cox, Pepe Roselló and Lynn Cosgrove
IMS Pioneer Award 2016 presented by Ben Turner & Mark Grotefeld
Vinyl Exchange: Seth Troxler ‘In Conversation’ with Dave Haslam

Download the 2016 IMS Business Report here.

Download Ticketmaster’s State of Play: Dance Music report here.

Marking its ninth edition, day-one of IMS Ibiza was kick-started with a mixture of insightful topics, panels and keynotes. Exploring the huge growth in today’s electronic music industry which was encapsulated with the 2016 business report, subjects such as streaming, major labels, and the emotional closure of Space were also covered – with a candid vinyl exchange between Seth Troxler and Dave Haslam closing the day’s schedule.

Opening with this year’s business report compiled by Kevin Watson, key findings revealed the following:

– Electronic music industry is now worth 7.1 billion dollars (60% increase from 3 years ago)
– In the UK, streaming of dance music grew at a faster rate than any other genre in 2015
– Dance music is the 5th most popular genre streamed in the US
– Techno is now the best selling genre on Beatport in 2016 overtaking tech house
– Venezuela, China and Argentina are the top three countries with massive growth in music revenue.
– Asian clubs dominate new entries in the 2016 DJ Mag Top 100 poll. 4 clubs out of 20 are from China.
– Electronic music dominated Spotify in 2016
– Major Lazor – Lean On is the most streamed track with 540 million streams.
– Martin Garrix had 50% increase in fans on across all social media

Ticketmaster’s report presented by Sophie Crosby followed – with key findings showing that 1 in 5 fans say dance music is a big part of their lives and they listen to the genre outside of gigs / festivals – whilst Bart Cools led ‘Spirit of The Majors’. Other talks included ‘Great Streaming Debate’ featuring Brian Tappert (co-founder, Traxsource), and Anglo Digital Management director Jamie Chalmers. Discussing streaming, Stephen White of Dubset Media Holdings explained:

“We’re seeing evolution. Dance music is a very focus for all of them in ways that it hasn’t been before. It’s evolving towards an understanding towards the genre, and a better approach.”

Elsewhere, Francesco De Gennaro hosted an introductory session to ‘Forward’.

The much anticipated ‘Space Ibiza: End of an Era’ discussion with Carl Cox, Pepe Roselló and Lynn Cosgrave provided a fond and emotional overview of the club’s history in its final year, culminating in a standing ovation following Pepe’s closing word on what the club’s history has meant to him over the years.

“In Ibiza, most of the crowd needs to feel a sort of … they need to discover something. Have a different experience. Connect with people from other countries. This terrace was amazing because it was a point of … Everybody was happy, together.” – Pepe Roselló

“Without a full-fledged trust and love from Pepe, it never would have happened. Always quality. You have never skimped or saved on anything. It is beautiful. From my heart, always love. Always will.” – Lynn Cosgrove

“The situation at Space is beyond our control… I’m being very dramatic here. I’ve had in my lifetime, the best 15 years at Space. I’m going to leave with a bang like you’ve never seen before. It’s been my church for the past 15 years.” – Carl Cox

Rounding off the day’s proceedings was Dave Haslam and Seth Troxler who together discussed their Vinyl Exchange for the first time, exclusively for IMS. The pair discussed their mutual love for vinyl and played the crowd some records from the historic collection.

‘Through music, I can find the feelings that I can’t show or express. It adds emotion and expression to your life. That’s something that people have lost when you digitize music.’ – Seth Troxler

‘Some people don’t realize that DJs are playing other people’s records, but are communicating so much about ourselves.’ – Dave Haslam

‘My position in electronic music is the person who preserves the cause. By buying these records, it’s a way for me to continue one day telling that story, a story that needs to be told. Music is not disposable.’ – Seth Troxler

The IMS team look forward to another exciting day, for a full schedule run down please click HERE. Join the live conversation with #IMSIbiza.