IMS Engage: Russell Simmons “IN CONVERSATION” with Patrick Moxey

26 April 2013

The first IMS Engage took place on Wednesday April 17th at the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Presented by the International Music Summit from Ibiza, the event drew in global attendees from electronic music and associated industries. IMS Engage consisted of six pairings, a platform designed to show how far the genre reaches with speakers from finance, technology, hip-hop and beyond.
The concept of IMS Engage was crystallised with the confirmed pairing of Ultra Music's founder Patrick Moxey (now President of Electronic at Sony) and hip-hop icon and entrepreneur Russell Simmons. Moxey paralleled the expansion of hip-hop to that of EDM, Simmons pointed out that with the internet EDM has more resources than hip-hop ever had and that 'now they can't stop you.' It was Simmons' wider life lessons that proved the most profound, discussing the importance of doing work that you love, being honest in work, refusing to quit in the face of adversity, and chasing a higher goal than mere material gain.