IMS Engage Presents Duncan Stutterheim in conversation with Shelly Finkel

17 September 2013

SFX Head of Acquisition Shelly Finkel engaged with Duncan Stutterheim owner of ID&T (Sensation, Tomorrowland) a company that SFX recently purchased a 70% share in as apart of SFX's planned 1 billion dollar spend in electronic dance music.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Shelly articulated that SFX doesn't look at dance music as EDM, but rather as "EMC – electronic music culture, because it really is all about culture now."
  • Finkel also warned that DJs should not be charging what they're getting paid in Vegas everywhere else. "Vegas has huge income streams of hotels, casinos, and food/beverage that others simply can't match."
  • Both Finkel and Stutterheim remained steadfast in their pursuit to keep electronic music healthy and growing, and that entry from larger entities is not a "bad" thing, but merely a natural evolution in the growing popularity in a worldwide cultural phenomenon.
  • Duncan gave an insight to how it is working with SFX "At first, this was all very weird to me, but the longer I work with Shelly, the more I can see that the I am in a position to help make it grow and I want to do what I can."