IMS Engage 2014 Recap

17 April 2014

The International Music Summit hosted the second annual IMS Engage at W Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA this past Wednesday, April 16th. This is IMS Engage's second year taking place in Los Angeles and the International Music Summit has earned a reputation as the TED of music conferences.  IMS Engage consists of five un-moderated conversations pairing leaders from the worlds of finance, technology, music and media to address the growing influence of electronic music.

Pairings at the summit included: mogul P. Diddy, songwriter and musician Moby, house musician and Producer Steve Aoki, film director David Lynch, legendary DJ Pete Tong, Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder, DJ / Producer Guy Gerber, former CEO and co-founder of YouTube and founder of MixBit Chad Hurley, rising scoring star Junkie XL and world-renowned film music composer Hans Zimmer. Additional attendees included IMS Engage partner and co-founder Ben Turner and record producer and DJ Paul Oakenfold.

Pete Tong 'in conversation' with Giorgio Moroder

Record Producer Giorgio Moroder commented that being a DJ is now not what it was like 20 years ago. He touched on his work in the early 60's include his projects with Donna Summer and the acclaimed song "Love to Love You Baby." He commented that in order to get Summer to make the gyrating moans for the track he had to ask everyone in the studio to leave and record in the dark because she was nervous and reserved. He said that he likes to think that he was the inspiration for her performance in the song.

Moby 'in conversation' with David Lynch

Moby asked David Lynch a series of interesting non-musical questions, which included: "What's your favorite birthday meal?" and "Have you ever grown maggots successfully?" Through the various fun and self-described awkward questions we learn that David Lynch is a spiritual man who loves meditation and believes that people have many lives. The sunlight in Los Angeles makes Lynch happy and free and Paris is his favorite city. When the conversation turned to music, the audience learned that he wants to work on a blues album and loves Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, The Ronettes and Neil Young. Although the majority of the conversation was about David Lynch, Moby was quite candid about his past drug use, homelessness and love of the show “Twin Peaks.”

Sean 'Diddy' Combs 'in conversation' with Guy Gerber

The Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Guy Gerber conversation was completely music focused. These two music pioneers have recently collaborated on a new album called 11:11. When an audience member asked about the release date, both joked and skirted around the subject suggesting it may come out in July. During the session we learn that Diddy is a huge fan of EDM and he joked about Avicii "doing it bigger than him" and that he's never tried having a ferris wheel at his concerts. He also believes that any underground genre keeps music alive. During the guest Q&A portion of the conversation, one fan stood up and expressed that Diddy was an inspiration in his life and really made an impact. It was a touching moment with Diddy coming off-stage and asking him for a hug. The heartfelt moment had the crowd cheering.

Hans Zimmer 'in conversation' with Junkie XL

In the final pairing of the evening, Hans and Junkie both discussed how important it is to incorporate many instruments in EDM including guitars, orchestras and pianos. Hans was concerned he was coming off too "geeky" during the conversation, discussing how open film music is becoming and the importance of orchestra and electronic music collaborations. The audience learned that the score to Black Hawk Down was finished and incorporated a few hours prior to the premiere and then changed shortly after.

Steve Aoki 'in conversation' with Chad Hurley

During the Steve Aoki and Chad Hurley conversation, the audience learned that Aoki is a fan of social media, saying that: "Twitter is a tool and Instagram is a destination." Chad Hurley was incredibly open about his business ventures mentioning that he sold YouTube to Google for 1.78 billion. He commented that music sharing and social media has really catapulted EDM and helped share musical messages worldwide.