Revisit The Inaugural IMS China In Shanghai

27 October 2015

IMS had the honour of being the first electronic music summit to take place in China on October 2nd in Shanghai. Now, IMS China is ready to share a video recap of the successful event to our global community. Take a look at what important lessons and insights international and local leaders shared on our IMS stage.

Full panel videos out soon.



“If a 3% penetration is applied to China, that means 6.6 mil potential festival attendees.”
– ERIC ZHO (Founder, CEO, A2LiVE/ STORM Festival, China)

“Electronic music is one of the most worldwide, influential music products. The energy of EDM is without language.”
– NOEL LEE (Founder, Chairman & CEO Monster Products)

“The drivers of growth will rely on localization. And also promoters who will push and educate the crowd.”
– JASON SWAMY (HK promoter, DWYL, Wonderfruit, HK)

“We feel like we’re in EDU, educating the crowd, the government. That’s the goal: educate the government about the EDM industry as a whole.”
– ALAN HSIA (Co-founder, theLOOP, Inc, Taiwan)