IMS at MIDEM: Monday 28 January

26 January 2013


Monday January 28

13.00-13.15 Ben Turner (IMS Partner) & Kurosh Nasseri reveal a major new initiative for electronic music

13.15-13.45 Open Forum 

13.45-15.00 Panel: Electronic Music: What Now?

Location: Riviera Hall.

Section: Midem Academy – Hall 01. 

Level: Minus 1 (lower level).

13.45-15.00 Moderators: Ben Turner & Kurosh Nasseri  

01 Bobby Simms, Popshop (brand agency)

02 Liz Miller, Atlantic Records (label)

03 Maria May, CAA (agent)

04 Maurizio Colella, Sirup Music (label)

05 Patrick Moxey, Ultra Records / Sony Music (label)

06 Patrick Walker, You Tube / Google (online video platform)

Key Topics:

  • MEET THE PRESIDENT! (Patrick Moxey, James Barton – we're in the era of the "Presidents of Electronic Music Worldwide". Discuss…)
  • BILLIONAIRE TAKEOVERS (Robert Sillerman, Ron Burkle. Plus Live Nation and Sony… Where to now?)
  • UPSTREAM and CONSOLIDATION (Less agencies, more power to CAA and WME. Discuss the cultural landscape and how does the small guy continue to exist?)
  • AWARDS SHOWS. HOW CAN WE HELP? (Grammys. Brits. How is / should electronic music be positioned at these events? Do we need our own event?)
  • GEMA / COLLECTING RIGHTS SOCIETIES (A number of technology initiatives can provide vital information to the collecting societies, whilst certain societies are aggressively attempting to raise fees on clubs)
  • IMPORTANCE OF DATA (Electronic music suffers from having very little data to articulate / display our genre's worth. Discuss a solution…)
  • ELECTRONIC MUSIC: WHERE TO NOW? (What is the future for the genre? How do we halt an inevitable backlash from media and the 'next generation'?)