30 November 2015

Capital: Bangkok
Population: 67 million

Thailand is a popular tourist destination – and rightfully so. Known for incredible Thai food, gorgeous sights and one of the most legendary parties in the world, there’s no doubt that Thailand has also become a leader in Asia’s electronic music space. Travelers and locals alike familiar with the Full Moon Party know what kind of a celebration Thailand can throw, and from that party-mentality, major music festivals like Wonderfruit have grown and seen rapid success.

Because Thailand is already a major tourist touchdown, its nightlife and festival scene has had no difficulty in attracting attendees. Despite having a strict no drug tolerance policy, Thailand remains one the more liberal countries in Asia, allowing the country to fully take in all that electronic music has had to offer.

Major Music Festivals:

808 Festival
Together Festival

Major Nightclubs:

Dark Bar
Live RCA

Thai Talents:

Sunju Hargun
Montonn Jira
King Kong

Major concerns and limitations:

Though not as immediately problematic as it is in other countries, Thailand has a strict and plausible death penalty drug policy

Thailand has allowed electronic music to grow healthily in the country for several years, and now, an underground extension has also come to fruition. Thailand venues and festivals balance the commercial and underground tastes while also harboring its own pool of local talents like house artist Sunju Hargun and more.

Though Thailand seems to be on a straightforward trajectory to success in the electronic music realm, it is important for the global players to recognize Thailand as more than just a tourist hotspot and rather as a growing presence in the industry. Additionally, while it has not been as problematic as it has been for other surrounding countries, Thailand does implement a strict drug policy that threatens the death penalty for drug trafficking.

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