IMS Asia-Pacific Full Speakers and Running Order Announced

31 August 2017

keynotes, in-depth debates and workshops

Final speakers include Axwell^Ingrosso, Laidback Luke, Mija and ALOK plus leading representatives from elrow, Warner Music Group and AEG

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International Music Summit (IMS), in partnership with Budweiser STORM Festival, today announce additional speakers and the final schedule for the 2017 instalment of their flagship event in Asia. IMS Asia Pacific takes place Sept 21 – 22 in Shanghai, China at Hyatt on the Bund.

In a rare moment at IMS or any electronic music summit, an established artist will issue a solo talk as Laidback Luke will deliver a keynote address on the theme of IMS AP 2017, The Digital Storm, touching upon how ever-expanding technology has affected the music market. Laidback Luke is also slated to present a masterclass titled ‘How To Make Music Fast And Keep Inspired’, alongside workshops from Point Blank Music School and artists Rave Radio and Unity. Billboard’s Asia Bureau Chief Rob Schwartz will interview Swedish icons Axwell^Ingrosso as they discuss their own experiences within the industry. Scarlett Li, Vice President of CMC Capital Partners and Founder of Zebra Media, one of China’s most innovative entertainment and live event platforms, holds her own keynote, drawing upon her years of experience as one of China’s leaders in Live Entertainment addressing key issues that affect everyone in the dance music community.

Panellists include prominent professionals from across the entire electronic music industry discussing a wide range of issues that affect the dance music community at large and notably in Asia. Robb Spitzer will join ISMAYA Group Co-Founder and Djakarta Warehouse mastermind Christian Rijanto amongst a panel of highly-regarded colleagues to discuss the rising underground scene in Asia while Iqbal Ameer, founder and CEO of The Livescape Group joins Wonderfruit founder Pranitan Phornprapha and Slick! India, India’s leading House & Techno brand, founder Prateek Pandey to explore emerging markets and new opportunities in Asia-Pacific countries including India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Tackling environmental challenges, Pranitan Phornprapha leads his own keynote presentation on the challenges and strategies of creating a greener music festival for the benefit of attendees and the environment, touching upon his own experience as one of Asia’s most respected promoters. We’ll also get down to brass tacks and hard figures as the official 2017 NetEase China Music Report and the Nielson Asia-Pacific Dance Music Study, commissioned by A2Live, are unveiled at the summit.

Delegates will have the opportunity to get unique career guidance and insight from up and coming artists within the Asia Pacific music markets, including newcomer Unity. A2LiVE Managing Director Eric Rethler-Barros will spearhead the discussion on effectively collaborating on creative projects across East and West, US to China, in a panel consisting of international artists Howie B, WHAI, and Mickey Zhang, director of E-MIDI Electronic Music Festival.

IMS Co-Founder Ben Turner states It is an educational process programming IMS Asia-Pacific never mind attending it! It really is incredible to see the interest and attention this region is getting and we hope the fourth edition of IMS Asia-Pacific is as fascinating as all previous ones. This year we are really pushing the agenda on the eco-system and how underground music gets heard and evolves in such a mainstream climate; how international brands are coming to the region and integrate respectfully, plus some leaders of investment talking about the big picture. As one of the panels state, ‘the Opportunity is NOW’!”

In 2015, IMS revealed that electronic music event attendance in China had risen 30% since 2011. The region is filled with a growing population of young eager fans, hopeful talent and hungry professionals aiming to help cultivate the scene in the region and in China, the world’s biggest potential market for electronic music. 2017’s IMS Asia-Pacific will bridge the gap between East and West and provide unique first hand insight into the artists, businesses and events that are making Asia Pacific one of the most exciting and rapidly growing markets in the world.


Complete list of Speakers

Keynote Speakers:

Axwell^Ingrosso (Artists, Sweden)

Interviewed by Rob Schwartz (Billboard Magazine, Asia Bureau Chief, USA/Japan)

Bart Cools (Warner Music Group, Executive Vice President/Global A&R Marketing Dance Music, UK/NL)

Laidback Luke (Artist, Netherlands)

Pranitan Phornprapha (Scratch First Co. Ltd, (Wonderfruit Festival), Founder/CEO, Thailand)

Scarlett Li (CMC Holdings/Zebra Media, Vice President/Founder, China)


Additional Speakers

Alan Hsia (theLOOP Inc., Co-Founder, Taiwan)

ALOK (Artist, Brazil)

Andre Jaeger Soares (Ecozoic Resources Inc, Founder Director, USA)

Andrew Goldstone (Deckstar Management, Manager and GM, (NYC), USA)

Arsit Prachaseri (AG Productions/Retox Sessions, CEO/Founder, Thailand)

Ben Turner (Graphite/IMS, CEO/Partner, UK)

Christian Rijanto (ISMAYA Group, Co-Founder, Indonesia)

Christopher Coe (Treecreds, Director, Australia)

Cody Chapman (Paradigm Talent Agency, Booking Agent, USA)

Damien Saint (W Bali – Seminyak, W Sound Suite & Music Curator, Indonesia)

David Plattner (RainTrust, Chief Visionary Officer, Bangkok)

Duong Anh Minh (Lost in Music – LIM Entertainment JSC, Founder & Managing Partner, Vietnam)

Emily Hou (A2LiVE/Strobelight Talent, Agent/Buyer, China)

Eric Reithler-Barros (A2LiVE/DianYinTai, MD/CCO, China)

Eric Zho (A2LiVE, CEO & Founder, China)

Georges Kool (Mixmash Records, Managing Director, Netherlands)

Helena Kosinski (Nielsen Company, Vice President of Nielsen Music – Global, UK)

Howie B (Artist, UK)

Iqbal Ameer (The Livescape Group, CEO, Malaysia)

Jason Swamy (NetEase Cloud Music, Business Director/Partner, China)

Jeremie Habib (Gigwell, Co-Founder & CEO, USA)

Jessie Wang (NetEase Cloud Music, International Business Director, China)

Jody Taylor (Write Rhythm, CEO & Founder, Indonesia)

KAKU (Artist, Asia)

Krosses (Artist, India/UK)

Kurosh Nasseri (AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, Co-Chairman/Co-Founder, USA)

Mark Lawrence (AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, CEO, UK)

Mark Netto (IMS, Co-Founder, Ibiza)

Matthew Hoag (elrow, Global Brand Manager, Spain)

Matt Rodriguez (Paradigm Talent Agency, Agent, USA)

Michel Kuklinksi (David Lewis Productions, Agent, Netherlands)

Mickey Zhang (O2 Culture, Artist/Chief Director of E-MIDI Electronic Music Festival 2017, China)

Mija (Artist, USA)

Nobby Uno (Avex Entertainment, Producer/Manager, Japan)

Olga Heijns (Unmanageable Artists, Artist Manager/Founder/MD, Netherlands)

Prateek Pandey (Slick! India, Director, India)

Rave Radio (Artist, Australia)

Rob Cowan (Point Blank Music School, CEO & Founder, UK)

Robb Harker (Supermodified Agency, CEO, Hong Kong)

Robb Spitzer (AEG Presents, Senior Vice President, Asia)

Ryan Wilson (Sony Music, Director of Electronic Music, Asia-Pacific)

Spencer Tarring (Pyro Music, CEO, China)

Steve Pillemer (Your Shot, Founder, Australia)

Takako Fujiyama (Pioneer DJ, Sales Manager, Japan)

Tan Chang (Hummingbird Music Ltd, CEO & Founder, Hong Kong)

Tom Bray (YETI OUT, Co-Founder, China)

Unity (Artist, China)

Vlada Didenko (IMS Asia-Pacific/A2LiVE, Partner/Director, China)

WHAI (O2 Culture, Artist, China)