Nile Rodgers – IMS 2013 – Keynote Interview Part 2

19 July 2013

IMS welcomed back Nile Rodgers to continue where he left off in 2012, the IMS delegation was left at the edge of their seats as he continued the story of his amazing career. One year on, his profile and touring schedule has exploded with his collaboration on Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' – reaching number one in more than 50 countries – plus a show-stealing performance at Glastonbury complete with IMS partner Ben Turner dancing on stage behind him!

Pete Tong asked the questions and Nile delivered.


  • Sharing details of his collaboration with Daft Punk – even playing an improvised rendition of his guitar part live for attendees!
  • Family life, a hippy upbringing, addiction to drugs by his parents which made Nile always think his life would be Rock'n'Roll.
  • Finding out he had cancer: "I started to think well I should just out run this bad boy, so I started working at a pace that's even staggering for me". "I didn't want to die sick or die dying". He then went on to explain he is giving everything he has to making music and shares his daily grind through his blog which has served as an inspiration to keep him going and to inspire people with cancer.
  • "The brilliance is never in the writing, it's in the rewriting," Rodgers said. "I try to have the most fun as possible when making records, because you never know if it is going to sell!"
  • Rodgers also talked about some of his favourite collaborators over the years, perhaps most surprisingly mentioning Avicii as among his most memorable. "Avicii is one of my favourite song-writing partners I've had in a long time. I have so much respect for him," he said. "You should see this guy work – it's inspiring."
  • Rodgers then went on to discuss how he ends up collaborating on projects, sharing a more personal approach to business. "Very few people call me to do records. We meet by hanging out, and we end up doing records together. That's how Bowie and I ended up working together. He was sipping on orange juice and I was getting drunk!"