IMS 2013 – Day 2: An Overview

24 May 2013

Nile Rodgers Interviewed by Pete Tong

Day 2 of IMS 2013 started off with an inspiring keynote interview with Nile Rodgers and Pete Tong.

Rodgers was an open book sharing intimate stories of his life, providing advice for the next generation of musicians, and sharing details of his collaboration with Daft Punk – even playing an improvised rendition of his guitar part live for attendees!

"The brilliance is never in the writing, it's in the rewriting,” Rodgers said. “I try to have the most fun as possible when making records, because you never know if it is going to sell!"

Rodgers also talked about some of his favorite collaborators over the years, perhaps most surprisingly mentioning Aviccii as among his most memorable.

“Avicii is one of my favorite songwriting partners I've had in a long time. I have so much respect for him," he said. “You should see this guy work – it’s inspiring.”

Rodgers then went on discuss how he ends up collaborating on projects, sharing a more personal approach to business.

"Very few people call me to do records. We meet by hanging out, and we end up doing records together," he said. “That’s how Bowie and I ended up working together. He was sipping on orange juice and I was getting drunk!”

Closing his thoughts on dance music: “That's what I love about dance music; it brings us together on the floor."

Paul Van Dyk Interviewed by Gary Smith (Midem)

Paul Van Dyk then sat down with Midem’s Gary Smith to share insight on his involvement with Akanksha Foundation in India, as well as his next release.

"Politics of Dancing 3 will be all my own tracks with plenty of collaborations,” he said.

The German DJ then shared some frustration with the monotony he’s witness in dance music lately.

“There is no artist identity to be seen anymore,” he said. “If you’re in front of the stage for five hours, you’re hearing all the same things.”

Social Responsibility in Electronic Music w/Ash Pournouri (At Night) Jonny Lee (Last Night A DJ Saved My Life) Paul Van Dyk (Artist) Stephen Greene (RockCorps) Valentino Barrioseta (Bridges for Music) Moderated by Gary Smith (Midem)

Stephen Greene of Rockcorps hit the nail on the head when it comes to inserting social responsibility into the electronic music scene.

 "Social responsibility in music is about trying to make giving back part of youth culture," he said.

Building off that, Valentino Barrioseta of Bridges for Music remarked why music has the power to influence that change.

"Kids will listen more to Skrillex than Obama,” he said. “Artists have a huge amount of influence."

IMS Anthem 2013 – Produced and deconstructed by Nile Rodgers / IMS Anthem 2013 – Remixed and deconstructed by Eats Everything

Nile Rodgers and techno master Eats Everything shared their renditions of the official IMS 2013 anthem, which was so well received by the audience that the rights to the track will be auctioned off for charity!

Ghostwriting: The Truth Behind the Tracks w/Anja Schneider, Nicky Romero, Timo Garcia Moderated by Ben Gomori

Many fans will be surprised to learn that some of the tracks their beloved artists have been behind may have not all come their creative brain. Schneider, Romero, Garcia, and Gomori all shared their stories and insights on being involved behind the scenes, and how it can sometimes lead to greater things at the forefront.

Empowering Women In Music: Anja Schneider, Francesca Lombardo, Judy Weinstein (Def Mix), Kate Matheou (Kish Communications), Maria May (CAA), and Marisol Aguirre (Es Paradis) Moderated by Nick DeCosemo (Mixmag)

Back by popular demand, this panel discussed the role of women in the electronic music space.

“The point of this panel is to inspire younger women to aim really high,” said Maria May. “You shouldn’t hold back on anything.”

Anja Schneider then shared her experience coming up as a female DJ.

"As a female, I was judged for a lot my technical skills by male DJs," she said. “It still exists, but it's getting better.”

Judy Weinstein then chimed in with wise words for aspiring females in the electronic music world.

“You don’t go into it as a woman or a man, you go into it as a person,” she said. “You stay passionate, follow your dreams, and they’ll happen.”

Judy Weinstein also received the Pioneer IMS award.

New Faces, New Thinking w/David August, Eats Everything, Francesca Lombardo, Hot Since 82, Sam Evitt (Method Music), Steven Braines (Crown Management), Moderator: Nick DeCosemo (Mixmag)

The electronic music scene is quite the democracy, in that the tools for creation and distribution are pretty much level for everyone. This panel discussed ways that newer artists can break their way into the scene.

"Be persistent. If your music is good, keep forcing it on people until they take notice," said Eats Everything.

David August followed up on the notion of persistency.

"Once you break through into the industry, then you are in. It's up to you how far you go," he said.

The one common factor that all the panelists had agreed upon was that their success had much to do with luck.

"Luck has a lot to do with it, but you need to place yourself in a position where luck can work in your favor," said Steven Braine.

IMS Masterclass: DJ Yoda, Moderated by Dan Tait (Pioneer)

Renowned U.K. turntablist DJ Yoda shared some mixing and performing secrets to IMS attendees!

Idris Elba Interviewed by Pete Tong (IMS Partner)

British actor and DJ Idris Elba talked to Pete Tong about blending Hollywood and electronic music.

Fatboy Slim Interviewed by Rob da Bank (Bestival / BBC Radio 1)

In the final conversation of the day, the legendary Fatboy Slim sat down with Rob da Bank to chat about his career and his thoughts on the “EDM” explosion.

"We all benefit [from commercialism], so we can't be sniffly about it,” he said.