Hans Zimmer ‘In Conversation’ With Junkie XL

29 April 2014

IMS Engage 2014: Hans Zimmer 'In Conversation' With Junkie XL

Few names are held in as high regard in the world of film composing as Hans Zimmer with titles such as “Gladiator”, “Dark Knight” and “12 Years A Slave” to his CV. Add to that Junkie XL – undoubtedly the electronic artist who is set to reach unprecedented heights in the Hollywood composing world with work on titles such as “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Inception” and “300: Rise of An Empire”.

Hans spoke about the evolution of electronic music from attending every Kraftwerk show which ultimately paved his way into the genre and then into film scoring, which then followed onto Junkie’s story of leaving the world of Djing to focus on film. With the meeting of Hans, he was the latest artist / composer to be taken under his wing and the rest is history.

Three quotes stole the show and drove home the passion and commitment both have for electronic music which made the pairing all the more beautiful and fitting:

“Electronic music lends itself to an abstract way of storytelling, so it keeps evolving. There's a whole movement truly driving music further and there is no other music innovating as much as film music” – Hans Zimmer

“There is a history of film composers dying literally on their last cue, you know… but fuck it, that’s rock and roll!” – Hans Zimmer

“The stress and the pressure mounts but the moments of joy — I have never felt so strong as I have in film. The lows, when you can't deliver, those are new lows and I have never felt that low as when I was just Junkie XL, an electronic artist.” – Junkie XL

We will stop expressing our joy of this convo and let you watch here.

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