Fatboy Slim Keynote Interview with Rob da Bank

31 May 2013

At IMS 2013, Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim became the third recipient of the IMS Legends Award – a dinner held in association with Nokia Music. IMS delegates were then treated to a rare one-on-one Keynote Interview, conducted by Rob da Bank (BBC Radio 1 / Bestival).

Key topics were:

  • How Giorgio Moroder's 'I Feel Love' inspired his love for electronic music
  • The stories behind his hits 'Praise You' and 'Rockafellar Skank' 
  • Big Beach Boutique success and the fame The Olympics and House of Commons gigs to name a few
  • The touring and the team around him that makes the Fatboy Slim show happen
  • How Ibiza was instrumental in catapulting his status to a superstar DJ
  • Becoming sober and how it changed his career as a headliner DJ

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