Explore the Asia-Pacific Market with AFEM Presents Developing the Eco-System

19 January 2016

IMS Asia-Pacific is dedicated to uniting the industry by bringing the experience of global leaders to the young market and eager local professionals of the region. The Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) did just that during the Developing the Eco-System panel for an insightful discussion about the most pertinent issues and challenges that Asia-Pacific faces.

Aleks Ljubojevic of the Anna Agency from the Netherlands, Erik Leenders of David Lewis Productions based in Hong Kong, Owner of Kyo Nightclub in Singapore Godwin Pereira, Matt Nugent of Onelove Records in Australia, Indian promoter Prateek Pandey of sLick! and US-based Ryan Saltzman, Co-Owner of The Bullitt Agency made up the diverse array of leaders from each market in electronic music and shared their own individual insights about the electronic music industry.