Electronic Music Inclusion Initiative launched to promote a speak up culture and address harassment & discrimination across the industry


13 April 2021

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IMS is collaborating with AFEM, Pioneer DJ, Beatport, Sentric Music Group, Mixmag, Resident Advisor, Women in CTRL and InChorus, to launch the Electronic Music Inclusion Initiative (EMII) to take a data-led approach to creating more inclusive environments across the industry. 

The first phase of EMII’s work will be focused on research into harassment & discrimination across the sector. From today, anyone working in the Electronic Music industry will be able to access InChorus’ survey in order to anonymously speak up about microaggressions and other forms of harassment and discrimination.

The survey will be available for four weeks, and will offer key insights into the behavioural trends affecting the industry. “This first step for the Electronic Music Inclusion Initiative is designed to provide new insights on harassment, bias and discrimination issues within our culture and inform the next steps we can collectively take as an industry to address them” commented AFEM General Manager, Greg Marshall.

The initiative is driven by feedback from across the industry – creatives, music professionals, and the wider infrastructure, who have cited instances where inequality exists. All EMII partners stand in solidarity with a shared goal: to strive for real, pro-active change and greater inclusion.

Once the research is collated, the findings will be reported back to the wider industry. The initiative has a clear mandate to avoid data for data’s sake. Instead, EMII will use the insights to highlight high-impact steps that organisations can take and to offer targeted resources & support to individuals across the sector in order to promote inclusion within the ecosystem.

To participate and speak up about your experiences, or for more information, please visit electronicmusic.inchorus.org.