Digital Debate- IMS 2013- The Audience, Spotify, Mox, Mixcloud

3 October 2013

Shifting the focus to a key area in the worldwide rise of electronic music, Oliver Luckett of The Audience began this panel by demonstrating how the landscape has changed for musicians and social media; how the desire of fans to engage direct with musicians in an interactive way is leading the conversation.

Points Discussed:

  • Carter Laren of emphasized Oliver's notion further through a note about his company's core audience. "There is a whole world of people who will never step into a club, but who still love this music."
  • Spotify's Mark Williamson. "22 of the top 100 tracks on Spotify fall under electronic dance music," he said. This stat alone demonstrates not only the rise of electronic music through a massive platform like Spotify, but also the listening habits among the genre's fans.
  • Seth Goldstein of DJ-Z also shared a few observations through the building of his platform. "People want less choice, not more," he said. This point holds true when examining new platforms like Songza who offer users hand-guided and contextually tailored content.
  • Increase of mobile apps that are enhancing the user experience for visiting events, listening to music and the social media interaction that delivers it in the palm of their hands. Round table discussion about which companies to look out for in the future.