David Lynch ‘In Conversation’ With Moby

24 April 2014

David Lynch 'In Conversation' With Moby

IMS Engage was designed to compare and contrast wonderful worlds and somehow / somewhere relating it back to electronic music. And it had always been our goal to entice a Hollywood film director down from the Hills to meet with an electronic artist. The pairing then of legendary film director David Lynch (“Mulholland Drive”, “Inland Empire” and “Blue Velvet”) with Moby – one of our most influential electronic artists to date – had the IMS Engage delegation at the edge of their seats from start to finish. With quinoa and sperm being the main talking points of the day!

The presence of Lynch at a music summit was special in itself, and Moby came armed with a set of questions which were well prepared – as you would expect from a man with a huge history with the director (remixing each other, sampling the music from ‘Twin Peaks’, sharing similar interests in art). The discussion was thought-provoking, funny and gave an intense insight into the mind of Lynch's genius.

Moby chose to not ask many questions about music, entertainment or electronica, focusing more on God, death, maggots, painting and Transcendental Meditation. We also learned more about Lynch's love of factories, his favorite being in Poland.

Moby opened up about his up-bringing, himself living in an abandoned factory, which spawned inspiration for his career.

Lynch asked Moby his theory on life after death, to which Lynch's response to his answer was: ‘That's the worst theory I've heard.’

This is a must watch!

(David's appearance was on behalf of the David Lynch Foundation)

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