Top 10 Talks of 2017: Data, Bots & Blockchain -the End Game Of The Dance Industry

18 December 2007

The digital domain is an ecosystem that connects numerous sub-ecosystems: online communities of end-users, developers, suppliers, distributors and many more. They use each other’s strengths; complement and boost one another in order to jointly create value for end users. This is the basis of the digital economy of which the dance industry is an integral part.

Opening his keynote with the powerful statement “If you believe you are in the music industry, you are wrong. We are in the tech industry”, author and blogger Denis Doeland examined the importance of thinking differently to meet the challenges of a digitally driven world, a world in which the artist/fan relationship is the lifeline of any business, attention is the new currency and data is the new gold. 

“As an artist you have to maintain your network every day, every hour, every minute, every second, you can’t do this manually.”

Doeland outlined his vision of a completely automated industry where contextual data, bots and blockchain are the key drivers of audience and therefore revenue growth.

You can listen to the full Keynote here and also read the full report here