Changing Face Of Ibiza- Guy Gerber, Bomba, Ushuaia, Pacha, Sankeys, Ibiza Rocks

18 June 2013

Changing Face Of Ibiza was moderated by Resident Advisor and featured David Vincent (Sankeys), Steve Hulme (Pacha), Guy Gerber, Mark Netto (IBZ Entertainment), Shane Murray (Ibiza Rocks) and Yann Pissenem (Ushuaia). This panel always results in much post event discussion, more so this year than ever, with Bob Lefsetz commenting twice on the content of it in his speech and his blogs.
Key Points Discussed:
·      "Change isn't always embraced on an island," said Mark Netto on new venture Bomba and the problems faced with being a new venue. “The key to longevity of the clubs is co-operation.”
·      David Vincent of Sankeys had some words for people clinging on to the underground. "It's not 'underground' if you are promoting and putting posters all over the place."
·      Yann Pissenem on a possible Ushuaia amusement park and his views on the old guard denouncing each other when new projects get put forward.
·      Steve Hulme on Pacha’s new musical direction as the club goes into their 40th year, Guy Gerber being a major part of that with his “Wisdom Of The Glove” concept
·      Shane Murray of Ibiza Rocks noted that their expertise in live events has morphed their season line up to “look like a broad festival." Offering another option for the punters.